MCFF & PHWFF Outing  Aug 2019

06 Feb 2020

MCFF & PHWFF Outing  Sept 2019

Cedar Lake


MCFF & PHWFF Outing June 2019

MCFF was given a collection of fly-fishing books for our club members to sign out and read. Thank you, Mr. John Polk for your kind donation to MCFF. Mr. John donated the following books. 

1. Flies for Atlantic Salmon

2. The Art and Science of Fly Fishing

3. Longer Fly Casting

4. Fly-Tying Tips

5. Practical Saltwater Fly Fishing

6. Reading Trout Streams

7. Flies for Steelhead

Academy Sports 2019

MissisSippi Coast Fly Fishers

What a great gathering of some of the greatest friends and family at this year's Tree House Social. Roger and Nina have outdone themselves yet again while hosting our event. The setting and mood was excellent. You have a beautiful place. Thank you for opening your house to so many wonderful people. Alot of prizes were given to everyone that attended. Thank you to Russell and Stephanie for the amazing personal gifts to each member. Your kindness and friendship is much appreciated. Congratulations to Harry Lamey for earning the 2019 MCFF Angler of the year. Congratulations to each member that placed 1st 2nd and 3rd in each category. This years fishing was very close. Several anglers were changing places on the leader board by tenths of a pound. Now the Board has been reset and the 2020 season has begun. Good luck everyone! Thank you everyone for the excellent food dishes that you took the time to prepared for the event. Everything was DELICIOUS!!!!! Enjoy the photos and Thank you!!!!

Keep your rod straight and your popper floating